Live Yeast

Our range comprises of elite strains of live yeast (Saccharomyces cerevsiae) with specific action and full EU approval for milking cows, beef cattle, and sheep. These natural yeast based additives contribute to the animal’s health, helping you get the most from feed and promoting optimal performance and wellbeing.
- Stabilises rumen pH -
Reduces acidosis
- Increases daily live-weight gain - Improvement of carcass quality - Enhancement of fibre digestibility - Better feet and skin condition - Reduction of bloating - Improvement of animal health - Positive effect on cell counts - Improvement in fertility DBA No.1 Yeast Saccharomyces cerevsiae strain Sc 47 at 4 x 108 cfu/g Inclusion Rate: Dairy (High yielding): 100 gm/head/day (Low-Mid yielding): 60-90 gm/head/day Beef Production: 60-90 gm/head/day Young cattle: 30-60 gm/head/day DBA No.1 “MAXUM” Saccharomyces cerevsiae strain Sc 47 at 8 x 108 cfu/g Similar to No.1 Yeast but twice the power Inclusion Rate: Dairy (High yielding): 50 gm/head/day Beef Production: 30-45gm/head/day